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Guidance for new member registration of ”UniLife my page”(Information service)

Thanks for making contract with our managing apartment this time.

”UniLife my page” is member's site that you can use some services such as confirmation for details of invoice via WEB, establishing renewal of contract, reservation of move-out check, receiving emergency notification in case of disaster, etc. To use these services in this site, member registration with free charge is required.

Some examples of service

  • Issuing details of invoice via WEB

  • Inquiry about schedule of fire prevention check

  • Confirmation of monthly pass code to unlock entrance (Only for applicable apartments)

  • Confirmation of payment for contract amount

  • Reception for renewal of contract

  • Frequently asked questions (FAQ) concerning trouble

  • Notification from management center

  • Reservation of move-out check

  • Valuable information for single life

Please complete new member registration by a date before receiving room key

Via this site, we inform execution of elevator check, inquiry about schedule of fire prevention check, and so on that are directly related to resident's life.
Please securely complete new member registration before delivery of room key.
After completion of registration, please confirm securely "Pledge form" (「誓約書」)and "Precautions at move-in" (「入居時の注意事項」)in UniLife my page.
You may not be able to receive room key if these processes above are not completed.

About service of detailed invoice via WEB

  • ・The service of detailed invoice via WEB to confirm detail of rent or payment status and receive mail delivery service, can be used without charge.
  • ・100 yen/month (without tax) will be costed for issuing of paper invoice. (It can be set whether to issue it or not, on UniLife my page)
  • ・Please remind that details of invoice can't be confirmed via WEB in unregistered condition.

URL of new member registration for UniLife my page

(It can be directly accessed to page for new member registration)

  • ①Mail for confirmation will be delivered after e-mail address is entered.
    ※If mail filter or configuration to prevent from spam is set, please secure that it can be received it from "@atcanvas.jp" that is domain for UniLife my page, before registration.
  • ②How to register and URL are described in this mail for confirmation. Please access to this URL.
  • ③Enter initial account and initial password.
  • ④After account, password and phone number are entered, press confirmation button.
    ※We highly recommend that account and password you registered must be noted to avoid forgetting them.
  • ⑤If there is no wrong description in confirmation screen, press "Register" to complete registration process.
  • ※Please note that Initial account is valid only for the first registration and is invalid for usual login.
  • ※Please complete this registration securely before delivery of room key.
  • ※Resident and contractor are required to register it respectively.
  • ※In case that resident is identical with contractor, please register by initial account and password of contractor.
  • ※Cost for packet communication fee to use UniLife my page is fully imposed to customer. Thanks for your understanding.